Training on Mistakes Improves Problem Solving Performance

Research post on the effect of error correction in a maze solving agent — April 2024

In the Wild West of Crypto Scams

Training a model to front run bad actors in crypto for fun and profit — January 2024

On the GPU Memory Hierarchy

Guide to modelling algorithm performance on GPUs — December 2023

Voice Objects

An on-the-go technique for writing notes using your voice, instead of on paper or using a device. — October 2023

New tutoring modalities

I studied category theory for a week, and made some sketches of how learning assistants can be improved — October 2023


Trained a NanoGPT model to play chess against Stockfish — September 2023

Evaluating steering vectors

Experiments in mechanically finding activation vectors to influence how GPT2 responds — June 2023

System Synthesis

Experimental user interface for AI feedback on system design — February 2023


Linen was an AI-powered journal for self-growth. — December 2022

Explorable Toys

Uses GPT-3 to generate interactive models in response to any question — November 2022


Integral allowed users to ask questions about their network by synthesizing information across their email, Slack, and contacts management software. — August 2022


Toy smart contract voting system — February 2021


Rails and React app to match students with online virtual tutors for the Irish secondary school system — March 2020


Chrome extension that helps people with dyslexia interact with the Web. — October 2019


Interstitial logging app for tracking context switching — October 2019


Exam revision platform based on exponential learning decay that I built and sold at age 17 — September 2019


While interning at Workday, I built a natural language Slack bot that manages employee PTOs. — July 2017


In-browser JS game to connect blocks — October 2016


Ruby gem for generating easy-to-remember IDs out of nouns, adjectives and verbs. — January 2016


A transpiled educational programming language with English-like syntax — January 2016


A simple site that generates password formulas, an alternative to password management. — January 2016


High level code concepts, explained in clear and simple English. — December 2015


A word processor without a delete button. — November 2015