Project overview


Oisin O'Dwyer
Cormac Kinsella

Time period

April 2016 — August 2016


Developer & designer & swiss army knife


Ruby on Rails

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Project details

Habiten was our first foray into Ruby on Rails - our team came from a Laravel and PHP background.

It was a habit tracking web app - add goals, and visit every day to check them off and get motivated to not lose your streak.

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I think we achieved a good balance of usability and features. Our main goal was to make an interface that constantly motivated you by showing your progress.

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Although we believe our product had potential, we were out-competed by the plethora of other habit trackers on the market.

Learning experience: Do your market research, folks!

Technical details

Habiten was built with Ruby on Rails. Since we didn't know React yet, we used Rails' standard ERB engine.

It ended up being hosted on Digital Ocean, and I was responsible for it's deployment and the configuration of those servers.

It's not online anymore and the source code is lost in an unfortunate hard drive accident. :(