Project overview

Technical collaborators

Oisin O'Dwyer


Jack Manning
Johhnie Bell
Eamonn Flannery

Time period

June 2016 — Right now


Developer, designer, leader


Ruby on Rails

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Project details

It all started when we realised that nothing out there offered a full, interactive and modern learning experience for secondary school students.

This was a problem: particularly, many schools were now beginning to enact a 'one tablet per child' policy. It's the perfect opportunity for a fully fledged learning system.

Our idea was a collection of interactive questions and tests that gave you real-time feedback on your progress - all organised into subject, year, and level.

This way, you'd have the benefit of flashcards and spaced revision, without having to create any of the content yourself.

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Multiple choice question

The puzzle mode below was designed to give more hands-on practice to writing essay-style answers, which are an important part of the state examinations.

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Essay question

The project was built on Ruby on Rails and SASS, and was hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS which I managed.

Getting bought out

When we were exhibiting at a science fair, Jack Manning approached us and persuaded us not to archive the project but instead continue work and be a part of the ExamLearn team.

We helped ExamLearn transition from a Wordpress-based system to our Ruby on Rails setup, and are still working with them to this day, adding features and maintaining functionality.

Technical details

Like our previous projects in the past, we were most comfortable with Rails as a backend and React.js on the front end. This setup proved to be scalable to our needs of handling ~75 thousand yearly impressions and we have full confidence that it can continue to scale as ExamLearn grows.